Eco-sexual blue wedding

Then a whirlwind trip to Italy to catch up with Annie and Beth's fifth wedding. Do I need to catch you up on Annie Sprinkle? Shy girl-turned porn star, porn star turned performance artist, Annie's Post-Porn Modernist art and theatre is arguably the evolutionary reason we have porn at all. Deciding to become monogamous after doing it all (she said it was the kinkiest thing she could think of, and the only sexual practice she felt was yet to be explored), Annie met her match in Elizabeth Stephens, an artist whose most recent project (besides her life with Annie) has been making bronzes of porn stars' and academics' panties. See, you'd marry her too! Now, following the lead of her performance art mentor Linda Montano, Annie is marrying Beth every year for (at least) seven years, one for each chakra, the body's energy centers. Every year they do a new wedding in the color associated with that chakra, and this year, number five, it's blue.


Las casó Beatriz Preciado
Y amenizó Diana Pornoterrorista
Y que luego digan que nuestras artistas no son internacionales....
Y el domingo 13 de diciembre estaran aqui en San Francisco con un "Sex Ecology Making SEx with Earth, Sky & Sea, entre el Love Art Lab y las Feminas Potentes . . . ya os contaré...

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